How to Save Money in Family Law

Author: Lailna Dhaliwal LLP | | Categories: Barrister , Child Custody , Child Protection , Divorce Lawyer , Domestic Violence , Family Lawyer , Parental Alienation , Solicitor , Spousal Support

How to Save Money in Family Law


Here are my ten tips to keep your family lawyer legal bill as low as possible:

1. Speak to your lawyer about financial disclosure and keep your documents organized. The more organized and detailed you are with your document and evidence, the more you may be able to keep your costs down.

2. Communicate your goals and expectations to your lawyer as early as possible. You do not want your lawyer spending time on matters that are not important to you and you you also do not want the case to drag out unnecessarily.

3. Do not call your lawyer “just to talk.”

4. Avoid unnecessary fights with the opposing party and try staying out of court as much as possible.

5. Use E-mail to communicate with your lawyer as in-person meetings with your lawyer will be much more expensive.

6. Prepare for all your meetings with your lawyer. Make note of questions you would like to ask. Being informed, saves you money.

7. Provide your documents to your lawyer in a chronological matter.

8. Make sure you choose an experienced family law lawyer.

9. Respond to your lawyer in a timely manner. Lawyers have deadlines, that they must meet and also need to be responsive to opposing counsel’s requests. You do not want to pay extra for your lawyer to keep following up with you.

10. Speak to your lawyer candidly about the family law process and the purpose that it serves. The family law system is not to be used as a tool to punish your former spouse or partner.