Family Law

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Marriage/relationship breakdown is a stressful and difficult time for you. It is a time in your life when you need to be focused on healing and not worrying about the law. Whether you need us to speak for you or stand beside you, our goal is to help you get through this chapter of your life as smoothly as possible.

We understand that every family is different, and a ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot be taken in family law. Our approach is to work with you to build a detailed case management plan that works for you. The case management plan allows us to organize how to best meet your goals with as little disruption to your life.

We will help you during the family law process by:

1. Determining your goals;

2. Explain to you the legal implications;

3. Explain the process involved;

4. Regularly corresponding with you to provide you with the status of your case;

5. Negotiating on your behalf with the other party;

6. Drafting your separation agreement to outline the terms of your separation;

7. Drafting and reviewing the court documents on your behalf and meeting with you to review them;

8. Filing your application in court and representing you at every stage of the court process;

9. Taking the necessary steps to enforce your agreement or court order regarding custody and access

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