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In addition to the Table amount, a court may order the payment of all or a portion of an itemized list of special and extraordinary expenses, including child care costs incurred as a result of the parent’s employment, illness, disability, or education or training for employment; extraordinary extra-curricular expenses; and extraordinary primary or secondary education costs.

The guiding principle is that the court will apportion the expenses between the parents on a pro rata basis after taking into account the contribution if any from the child and any related subsidies or tax deductions

Extraordinary expenses are defined in s. 7(1.1) of the Guidelines. These are expenses that exceed the amount the requesting spouse can reasonably cover, taking into account that spouse’s income and the monthly child support payable, or expenses that a court considers extraordinary in light of the amount of the expense related to the requesting spouse’s income, including the monthly child support payable, the nature and number of the educational or extracurricular program, any special needs and talents of the child, the overall costs, and any other similar factor the court considers relevant.