Author: Lailna Dhaliwal LLP |

[Please be advised that the information provided is not to be constituted as legal advice]

The best way to resolve any matter is by way of settlement. You will always be happier with the decisions that you made than a decision that is made for you.

During a family law matter, settlement can arise in the following ways:

  • Negotiation with your partner’s lawyer resulting in a settlement.
  • After some judicial intervention, the parties’ resolve the matter by way of separation agreement or a final consent order.

To maximize your position during the negotiation phase, we take the following steps:

  • Prepare you for negotiations, we work with you to determine what is important to you and what you are willing to give up and what you cannot live without.
  • Objectively determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case.
  • Ensure we enter into all negotiations on a “Without Prejudice” basis so that the opposing party cannot use offers against you.
  • Use the negotiations as a means to better understand the opposing party’s position, perspective, motivations and interests.